Aesthetically pleasing elevators


Elevators add comfort to everyday movement. Far from being luxuryitems, they are sensible additions that improve both the amenity and longevity of any home. The contemporary elevators are different from the bulky traditional designs that used pulleys, cables, pistons, and counterweights and required a large amount of space and extensive demolition and remodelling. Remodelling meant weeks of dust and debris in the house and the added inconvenience of living with the discomfort. No wonder the thought of installing an elevator was extremely stressful.

With pneumatic vacuum elevators making entry the whole process of installation has moved from a period of weeks to days. Huge difference!! Since pneumatic vacuum elevators do not require a lot of room and equipment, they can easily be fitted within a small amount of space. unlike more traditional residential elevators, even if the power goes out it is impossible to get stuck between floors. Companies like Grant Home Elevators has over half a century of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing elevators.If you have never previously considered a domestic elevator, you will besurprised and delighted by the contemporary range available with them.

With so many options available, you can choose an elevator to maintain the character of the home even if you own a historical home. Elevator designs can also be chosen for an elevator inside the house or one installed outside the house. With beautiful glass, metal and wooden options available, choosing a beautiful design is easy.

Pneumatic elevators can easily be self-standing and can be attached to a balcony or travel through a hole in the floor. There are small ones suited for one to two persons or even just to fit in a wheelchair. These elevators are even small enough to fit in the space near the staircase. When you opt for a glass elevators – open space, light and sense of transparency are some of the features available with this option.

However, never compromise aesthetics with safety. Safety guidelines for elevators  are should also be checked. Pneumatic elevators have less maintenance as compared to the traditional models as there are no pulleys and cables. Since they operate mostly on the air mechanism, the maintenance involved is mainly that of cleaning.