Three things you need to know about Litigation and property

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Disputes are a natural, though unwanted, part of doing business. They most often arise with regard to property transactions. Cardinal Litigation + Dispute Resolution
is a Perth CBD-based legal practice which offers strategic commercial litigation and dispute resolution services to domestic and international clients across a range of industry sectors.Property related disputes usually fall under three categories, namely, nuisance, breach of sale agreement, and lease related disputes.

Every homeowner / occupier has a right to quiet enjoyment of their property in Australia. A legal nuisance involves a neighbour acting in a way which results in substantial, unreasonable and ongoing interference to the use and / or enjoyment of one’s land. It could include smoke, smells, noise, overhanging trees, etc. In such cases, the affected person can seek remedy under the law of nuisance. The occupier who complains about what appears to be a nuisance caused by a neighbour can apply to court for an order to stop the nuisance injunction or an order that the neighbour pay compensation (damages). Where there is a nuisance, the Magistrates Court can grant injunctions.
Breach of sale agreement takes place when the buyer or the seller fails to comply with the terms outlined in the contract for sale agreement. This can take place due to many reasons, a party may misunderstand their obligations, they may no longer have capacity to perform, or they may no longer be willing to perform the same. When one party breaches a contract, the other party may ask a court to provide a remedy for the breach. The court may order the breaching party to pay money to the non-breaching party in the form of damage compensation. Alternatively, the court may order the party to do what they promised to do under the contract, which is referred to as specific performance.
Lease disputes arise when an occupier fails to pay rent, a breach in the terms of the lease agreement (such as subletting without permission), damages to the premises, failure to maintain the premises, refusal to vacate the premises at the end of the lease. In some cases the landlord may not be allowing the tenant the quiet enjoyment of the premises or he may be withholding the security deposit.

In all instances mentioned above one must consider alternative dispute resolution methods (such as mediation) before considering litigation as the latter can take a lot of time and energy along with substantial costs in the process of resolution.

Beautiful fibreglass pool designs to opt for


Some really fabulous fibreglass pool designs are now available in the market. Most are designed to be compact enough to fit small backyards yet provide enough space for relaxation and socialising. Riverina FibreGlass Pools provide the ultimate pool finish using nano-technology, superior strength fibreglass pools with all new micropure, which reduces bacterial and algal growth and is chlorine and UV resistant.
Most of these pools are available in a wide variety of sizes and colour options to suit your needs and budget. For installation, you could either hire a licensed pool installer or you could order a “Do It Yourself” kit. Installing a fibre glass pool  is simple once you get the basics right.
Nothing beats the refreshing feel of a cool pool on a hot summer day. keep in mind care of a fibreglass pool is a lot easier than a traditional pool. Here is a basic swimming pool care checklist
for regular pools.
So go ahead and make the most of your backyard by installing one of the following fabulous fibreglass swimming pools.
Davinci fiberglass pool has a modern geometric design which would complement a contemporary backyard well. Although its form is very compact, it provides wide entry steps at the shallow end which slope to form a full width spa bench at the deep end. This design feature allows easy access and generous seating.
Versace is a popular in-ground fiberglass pool which combines features of a pool and spa. It comes with a wrap-around bench which serves as a space for relaxation and acts as an additional safety feature for children. The pool can be ideally located in one corner of your backyard.
Nirvana fiberglass pool is a great combination of style and functionality, with a centrally positioned entry bench and tiered steps. Nirvana is a compact plunge pool. A constant depth of 1.7 meters makes it perfect for jumping in on a hot summer day.
Avanti is an elegant pool design which works well for entertaining and as a lap pool. The Avanti fibreglass pool is designed with steps located at the shallow end of the pool and bench seating at both ends. A good combination of form and function the pool is small but very attractively designed.
Serenity pool design provides two benches along one side of the pool. On the shallow side it has steps. It is suitable for families wanting to have some summer fun as well as for the health conscious who want to use it for exercise.
Heritage fiberglass pool is a side entry swimming pool design which can be used safely by kids to play in or as a place for entertaining your guests.

Aesthetically pleasing elevators


Elevators add comfort to everyday movement. Far from being luxuryitems, they are sensible additions that improve both the amenity and longevity of any home. The contemporary elevators are different from the bulky traditional designs that used pulleys, cables, pistons, and counterweights and required a large amount of space and extensive demolition and remodelling. Remodelling meant weeks of dust and debris in the house and the added inconvenience of living with the discomfort. No wonder the thought of installing an elevator was extremely stressful.

With pneumatic vacuum elevators making entry the whole process of installation has moved from a period of weeks to days. Huge difference!! Since pneumatic vacuum elevators do not require a lot of room and equipment, they can easily be fitted within a small amount of space. unlike more traditional residential elevators, even if the power goes out it is impossible to get stuck between floors. Companies like Grant Home Elevators has over half a century of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing elevators.If you have never previously considered a domestic elevator, you will besurprised and delighted by the contemporary range available with them.

With so many options available, you can choose an elevator to maintain the character of the home even if you own a historical home. Elevator designs can also be chosen for an elevator inside the house or one installed outside the house. With beautiful glass, metal and wooden options available, choosing a beautiful design is easy.

Pneumatic elevators can easily be self-standing and can be attached to a balcony or travel through a hole in the floor. There are small ones suited for one to two persons or even just to fit in a wheelchair. These elevators are even small enough to fit in the space near the staircase. When you opt for a glass elevators – open space, light and sense of transparency are some of the features available with this option.

However, never compromise aesthetics with safety. Safety guidelines for elevators  are should also be checked. Pneumatic elevators have less maintenance as compared to the traditional models as there are no pulleys and cables. Since they operate mostly on the air mechanism, the maintenance involved is mainly that of cleaning.

Environment friendly waste removal options


Waste is a part of day to day living. Manufacturing, Construction, Demolition, all require a safe and environmental friendly way to manage the waste produced during the process of creation. When it comes to construction waste, Focus Demolition Asbestos Removal

provides safe and efficient strip out, demolition and asbestos removal services with focus on environmentally safe disposal of the hazardous material.

When opting for a provider, do take a look at how the company deals with waste at a higher level. Some steps followed for efficient and environmental friendly waste removal are mentioned below:

Landfills are the most common way of disposing waste. Reducing solid waste is reducing the amount of trash that goes to landfills. However, due to slow decomposition rate which takes thousands of years, several acres of land has already been virtually rendered useless. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are most common methods to reduce landfill waste.

Incineration is the second largest waste disposal method in most countries. Incineration is an alternate to burning as burning releases a number of harmful gases and pollutants in the atmosphere. Incinerators  successfully direct the waste to generate electricity.

Pyrolysis is used for decomposition of organic material in the presence of superheated water or steam.

Gasification is used to treat solid waste. It provides a more efficient, cleaner conversion of waste into power and can generate a wider range of useful products, including heat, hydrogen, chemicals and fuels.

Anaerobic digestion decomposes waste in an enclosed chamber. This is different from a landfill where decomposition takes place in the open and gaseous by-products like methane are released in the environment. Anaerobic sewage plants produce significant quantities of methane, which can be burnt to generate electricity. Common waste decomposed in anaerobic plants is sewage sludge and agricultural waste.

Some ways where we can contribute directly is by composting  within our homes. Organic waste breaks down over a few weeks into a mulch which can be used as a soil fertiliser.

You can start right in your own home, and see how green your trash can get. Start by getting a good grasp on what you currently throw out, and more importantly, what you can save from the trashcan.